Spare parts

Spare parts, accessories, fittings, fixtures, other gear and apparatus – a wide range of the usual and unusual stuff.

Are you looking for forklift spare parts? Is it a pallet jack, walkie stacker or a reach fork truck? Is there trouble with availability? Other companies gave up? If so, no need for further searching – every query, even if unfamiliar, is a challenge we like. In our warehouse rests a profusion of the most popular necessities. If something is broken, do you throw it away or do you fix it? We will surely inform you of the most sensible option to choose. Still not satisfactory? If so, in most hopeless cases we have experience manufacturing some of the parts ourselves!

We have access to genuine, original parts, as well as used, refurbished and spare parts to yellow, orange and red forklifts!

Does your company experience issues with operators treading down shelvings, attempting to ride through closed gates and nobody pleading guilty to all of that? There is an antidote, and we have it. Improve your workplace safety with non-standard accessories such as CCTV, monitors, track & trace appliances, panoramic mirrors and additional lighting. Sometimes serious cases call for serious measures!

Parts available

Refurbished parts

Orginal parts

Spare parts

Used parts

Accessories available

Track and trace appliances

Sound and light signals

Additional lighting

CCTV monitors

CCTV cameras

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Forklift trucks

Simple or advanced, minuscule or grand load capacity – tell us what you need, we will find it.

We do not represent any brand nor do benefit from favoring certain models. We always advise our Customers based on our own expertise, observations and knowledge of the conditions in which the forklift truck will be used. Every forklift manufacturer has his useful, unbeatable, bulletproof models – but they do not tell you about their more controversial products. We know where to invest our trust and what to avoid. We are open to vibrant discussions on this topic and hope to give you best advice.

We offer used forklifts of a few classes of quality. We like ones that are both well-working and good-looking the most.

On a budget? Is the visual aspect not so crucial? We also have those kinds of forklifts. The scope of the refurbishment is also always up to negotiation. Whether it is sanding, repainting, replacement of parts, batteries and registration within the UDT – you will choose what we will take care of.

Forklift trucks

Electric forklifts

Diesel forklifts

LPG forklifts

Manual pallet jacks

Scope of maintenance and renovation

Refurbishment and replacement of pairs

Sanding and repainting of the body

Replacement of operating fluids

Registration within the UDT


Bringing the forklift truck back to a near-new state

Fast service and delivery

Guarantee of service

Keeping costs low

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Traction batteries

May the power be with your batteries!

Has your traction battery died at the most unfortunate moment possible? Do you charge it days and nights with no result? Or perhaps it needs endless maintenance? If your answer to at least one of these questions is positive, give us at IDEA-TECH a call! As it turns out, we have loads of positive energy to share with you and your batteries!

Enough with the jokes. At our disposal is a variety of battery-related spare parts, including but not limited to: links, floats, caps, cables and connectors. We will do everything that is possible, maybe even impossible, to lengthen your battery’s life. If nothing can be done, we will briskly deliver a replacement to you. What is important – badly matched and malfunctioning chargers are often to blame for battery problems. Our technicians will check for such cases and work out the best solution each time.

Charging stations

If your hall lacks a fixed charging point for your forklift trucks, please allow us to take care of this deficiency. We will go through all the steps that will have to be taken – from designation to documentation to full-scale operation.

Or, do you already have a charging station that requires modernization or redevelopment? It will not be an issue to us. We will retrofit or replace docking stations and beef up the electrical installation. If required, we will also deal with ventilation and hydrogen detection.

Charging stations

Design and constructions




Parts and accessories: battery cases, cells, links, floats, caps, cables and connectors

Sales of new units (2 years warranty)

Periodic inspection




Sales of new units (1 year warranty) and used units

Periodic inspection

Repair service


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