Solutions and Services


All according to your needs – rent a forklift truck for an hour, a day, a month, a year, maybe even longer!

We rent out forklift trucks, scissor lifts – with full equipment – batteries, changers and other warehouse fittings. Moreover, if you have any further needs, we promise to consider every inquiry – of course, within the boundaries of common sense and good taste not unlike sweet pancakes.

Is short-term rental a good option?

Extraordinary situations may require extra workforce. Let’s say, just then, a forklift truck breaks down, a discharge occurs, an additional charger or battery could come in handy… When the world seems likely to explode, leasing just is not an option and a full purchase does not make sense – we suggest short-term rental as the sure-fire option. Just give us a call with a brief explanation and we will quickly, perhaps even instantly, bring up the best possible solution!

Long-term rental – why not?

Along with long-term rental comes a myriad of benefits such as full service. You will not have to worry about repair costs, inspection deadlines, the prices of spare parts or UDT check-ups. In the contract, we guarantee a comprehensive service with a sound price tag. From now on, you will be able to rest in your chair comfortably, soothed by the feeling IDEA-TECH is in charge.

Hey! What about a serious breakdown? Easy! We have a solution! We send out a truck to pick it up and provide you with a replacement forklift truck. In such special cases, we deal with them at our Lutycka Street “clinic”. 

Short-term rental

Rapid delivery of equipment – even as little as a few hours

Repair costs covered by IDEA-TECH

Our rental is tax-deductible

Fixed installments 

Scope of the rental

Forklift trucks

Scissor lifts

Batteries and chargers

Other warehouse equipment

Long-term rental

An option to return or purchase forklift trucks after the contract expires

Insurance options, including accident insurance

Repair costs covered by IDEA-TECH

Fixed-amount installments

Do you have additional questions about rentals? Please contact us with the contact form below.

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Forklift mast regeneration

A special unit at IDEA-TECH, concerned with difficult, unusual and hopeless cases!

Specialists, who have seen everything and are not be surprised by even the most unusual defects they get to deal with. They love working with metal! If your mast is too loose or your forklift had fallen off a ramp, we strongly suggest the services of IDEATECH! Straightening and replacement of bearings, sliders and other parts are just a fraction of what we can offer. We possess professional equipment, years of experience, know-how and ideas, providing both corporate and private Customers, along with those from forklift and construction sectors. 

Scope of regeneration

Replacement of bearings and sliders

Removal of excess clearance

Replacement of chains 

Mast straightening


Improvement of OSH and work comfort

Lowering your cost of repair

Complete service

Speedy repair

Do you have additional questions about forklift masts regeneration? Please contact us with the contact form below.

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Repair service

Out of order for good? Has your forklift truck failed the UDT inspection? A full-on diagnosis needed? Such situations pose a challenge we will eagerly take on.

The technical service at IDEATECH is built upon the solid foundation of technically educated, experienced professionals, a passion for tinkering and self-authored solutions. We specialize in Jungheinrich, Steinbock and Linde trucks.

If you expect more from your repair service – you have come to the right place!

From our very beginnings, we have deeply emphasized our high quality of service, efficient communication and Customer Satisfaction. Our service fleet is well-equipped – instead of wooden baskets and empty paint buckets, one should always expect industrial-grade fittings.

A large majority of our operations is done at our Customers’ premises. We speedily transfer all more serious cases to our Lutycka Street “clinic”. You will not have to wait for months! We provide diagnostics, repairs, inspection, regeneration of traction batteries and chargers, assistance with the registration of forklift trucks within the Polish UDT. While doing this, we pay great attention to safety and remain on good terms with governmental inspectors. Everyone in our team of servicemen has the required and up-to-date UDT, SEP and LPG certifications.

What is important – we honor varying forms of doing business – both long-term maintenance deals and single services such as emergency repairs.

Fast reaction time is standard here. We guarantee it to all Customers. To the bravest and most faithful of them, who have decided to enter a new walk of life with us through a contract, we promise a profusion of extra benefits, such as the complete management of hindrances such as inspection dates and talking with the G-men – on our side.

Scope of repair service

Working with the UDT

Regular maintenance

Technical check-ups




Supreme Customer Satisfaction

High work and technical ethics

Superb quality of service

Quick reaction time

Paths of cooperation

Companies in our sector

Maintenance contract

All-around support

Emergency repairs

Do you have additional questions about repair services? Please contact us with the contact form below.

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