Forklift trucks

We are here to help – with knowledge and experience.

Simple or advanced, minuscule or grand load capacity – tell us what you need, we will find it.

We do not represent any brand nor do benefit from favoring certain models. We always advise our Customers based on our own expertise, observations and knowledge of the conditions in which the forklift truck will be used. Every forklift manufacturer has his useful, unbeatable, bulletproof models – but they do not tell you about their more controversial products. We know where to invest our trust and what to avoid. We are open to vibrant discussions on this topic and hope to give you best advice.

We offer used forklifts of a few classes of quality. We like ones that are both well-working and good-looking the most.

On a budget? Is the visual aspect not so crucial? We also have those kinds of forklifts. The scope of the refurbishment is also always up to negotiation. Whether it is sanding, repainting, replacement of parts, batteries and registration within the UDT – you will choose what we will take care of.

Forklift trucks

Electric forklifts

Diesel forklifts

LPG forklifts

Manual pallet jacks

Scope of maintenance and renovation

Refurbishment and replacement of pairs

Sanding and repainting of the body

Replacement of operating fluids

Registration within the UDT


Bringing the forklift truck back to a near-new state

Fast service and delivery

Guarantee of service

Keeping costs low

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