The Company

In a way, it is the story of my life.

(how I got this place running)

I’m sure you will well remember the history of our founding. Perhaps, if you happen to know it, our founder will grant you with a complimentary inspection of your forklift… 

After past a dozen years of serfdom: buyers to win over, goals to achieve and plans to meet, Mariusz grew tired of the narrow mentalities of the corporate regime. He came up with the “3O” idea: his own business with his own rules on his own terms. People are comprised of bones and flesh. Mariusz is made out of ambition and pragmatism – and so he did as he planned. The official founding of the company took place in March 2012. It happened, of course, with a feeling of uncertainty. There were many questions about the future. However, a large hot air balloon named EXPERIENCE lifted the company higher and higher in the sky, allowing for intensive growth.

IDEATECH began strictly as a forklift workshop. As time went on, the owner, a passionate maniac, paved the way to technological innovations. The company’s offer became increasingly varied. In addition to repair service, it started to provide customers with forklifts, traction batteries, chargers, spare parts – and furthermore – numerous services: the lease of warehouse equipment, service of batteries, regeneration of parts and mast repairs.

At IDEATECH, we have always followed with utmost pleasure the novelties of the market and discussed them – and have provoked such discussion with vigor. We always find fitting solutions with our Customers in mind. It has never been a problem for us to provide what our competitors call “impossible to get”. Does the part need shipment from far away? It is not a problem for us. We will find it for you even if it is buried 10 meters deep in the ground!

Hard, systematic work and a sharpshooter’s analysis of the market have allowed us to put together a complete menu of services. We are able to replace, regenerate and even manufacture countless elements of machinery within our workshop. “Quality means doing it right if no one is looking”, said Henry Ford. This is the way we are delivering to you all our products, solutions and services. Mariusz is a jack of all trades. Although he lost his drum-sized belly at the gym, swimming pool and various hiking trails, his soul still echoes tech-savvy vibes.

(beware the casual and straightforward approach)

Our first employee was Piotr, who is currently our fantastic chief of technical service. Ever-helpful and irreplaceable Basia sees over human resources and administrative nuances. Apart from them, a qualified team of technicians and specialists is keen to methodically address your issues.

At IDEATECH we put care to ensure our team is ready to help you. Any technical advice and solutions we will provide is guaranteed by Polish UDT forklift operation and maintenance certifications of our crew. We try to answer all questions, happily give advice and present creative solutions to complications other companies have failed to deal with.

Good cooperation is based on trust. We have worked hard to deserve it by putting daily effort to satisfy you. Still, we are human beings and occasionally commit mistakes. It does not mean we hide from them. Just the opposite – in such an event we are eager to admit them and take lessons for the future. It is always an occasion to improve something – our work management, our catalogue – sometimes even ourselves as persons! We introduce new precautionary procedures to mitigate and prevent such cases in future.

We appreciate your kind words and are delighted hearing every single compliment. However, we are even more interested in hearing what is still to improve at our company. It will enable us to constantly better ourselves and take pride in such sincere partnership with our Customers.


(we're green)

For environmental issues are a matter of our lively concerns, adequate measures have been enacted here at IDEATECH. An eco-friendly work ethic has characterized us from the beginning. We have identified the legal requirements concerning environmental protection and are monitoring them constantly. We can be found in the Greater Polish Voivodship Marshal’s BDO registry under the number 000555567.

We indicate our environmental policy in yearly reports. As a producer of waste, we utilize it with companies possessing proper collection and recycling permits. As a retailer of batteries and oils we have undertaken a partnership with CCR Polska Sp. z o. o.