We are here to help – with knowledge and experience.

All according to your needs – rent a forklift truck for an hour, a day, a month, a year, maybe even longer!

We rent out forklift trucks, scissor lifts – with full equipment – batteries, changers and other warehouse fittings. Moreover, if you have any further needs, we promise to consider every inquiry – of course, within the boundaries of common sense and good taste not unlike sweet pancakes.

Is short-term rental a good option?

Extraordinary situations may require extra workforce. Let’s say, just then, a forklift truck breaks down, a discharge occurs, an additional charger or battery could come in handy… When the world seems likely to explode, leasing just is not an option and a full purchase does not make sense – we suggest short-term rental as the sure-fire option. Just give us a call with a brief explanation and we will quickly, perhaps even instantly, bring up the best possible solution!

Long-term rental – why not?

Along with long-term rental comes a myriad of benefits such as full service. You will not have to worry about repair costs, inspection deadlines, the prices of spare parts or UDT check-ups. In the contract, we guarantee a comprehensive service with a sound price tag. From now on, you will be able to rest in your chair comfortably, soothed by the feeling IDEA-TECH is in charge.

Hey! What about a serious breakdown? Easy! We have a solution! We send out a truck to pick it up and provide you with a replacement forklift truck. In such special cases, we deal with them at our Lutycka Street “clinic”. 

Short-term rental

Rapid delivery of equipment – even as little as a few hours

Repair costs covered by IDEA-TECH

Our rental is tax-deductible

Fixed installments 

Scope of the rental

Forklift trucks

Scissor lifts

Batteries and chargers

Other warehouse equipment

Long-term rental

An option to return or purchase forklift trucks after the contract expires

Insurance options, including accident insurance

Repair costs covered by IDEA-TECH

Fixed-amount installments

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